Tiger Reading 2



This is the third animal in the Chinese Horoscope. The Tiger represents strength combined with courage. It is a positive sign that destroys evil and negativity present in this life.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

You may be blindsided and distracted right now. You are probably overthinking too many details and concerns in your work and future. Do not stress yourself. Focus only on a few important matters and solve them. It only takes one key to open a door. All other good things will follow if the one important thing in your life is made right.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Do not fuss and obsess too much about controlling other people in your life. Be they friends, family, or romantic partners. Give space for them as individuals and respect those boundaries. People who are close to you will always have your back; do not worry about losing touch with them because your bonds are always in the spirit. Avoid making promises you could not keep, and do not make too many demands on the people who are in your life. Human beings are not meant to be micromanaged.

Health, Safety, and Protection

This is a tense and stressful day. It can ruin you physically and mentally. Make a point to relax. Do deep breathing and meditation to calm yourself. Emptying yourself of unnecessary thoughts can keep you focused on what really matters. Schedule some exercise time and self care routines for yourself as well. You cannot achieve anything in life if your mind and body are not up to task. Keep them in proper running order always.

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