Angel Message Of The Day : Blessings

Angel of Appreciation and Gratitude 


There is much to be thankful for.  


Look about you, what or who in your life are you grateful for?  


In what ways do you appreciate you?  


In what ways do you appreciate that which has been made manifest? 

In what ways do you appreciate all who share your life?  


What experience or situation do you wish to transform?  


Are you willing to see and feel differently?  


Are you willing to begin appreciating all that is in your life now, this moment?  


We offer this to you … each day for seven days do not complain.  


Each day for seven days, look at you; be aware of all gifts given to you. 

Are you willing to give the gift of your smile to another? Are you willing to give you a kind word with a smile, a kind word?  


Gifts may manifest in the form of a phone call, an unexpected email, a kind word, a cup of coffee, an opportunity to be of service.  


There is no greater gift than being of service to yourself to others.  


Being of service is not servitude.  


Being of Service is giving from your heart.  


Being of service is giving another with a smile, a kind word.  


There are countless ways in which blessings are given to you. 

Be kind to you. Be loving with you. 


Expressing love from within radiates outward, illuminating all before you. 


Kindness and mercy shall follow you all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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