Angel Message Of The Day : Forgiveness



Forgiveness is releasing you from wounds caused by you or caused by another against you. Forgiveness releases you from harmful thoughts towards you and others. 


Holding resentful thoughts towards a situation or anyone who contributed to a situation harms only you. 


Call upon the Realm of Angels to assist and guide your thoughts and emotions away from what is already behind you to where you wish to be.  

Thoughts and emotions govern your very being in the Earthly realm.  


The why, how or when of things is not always apparent. 


Know you are safe, protected and always loved.  


It serves you not to harbor resentment or ill will towards another for in the end it harms only you. Free your heart and mind from all that is not based in love or you will be in bondage to another’s lower vibration. 


There is only love.  There is only light.  Seeing through eyes of love, healing your heart serves your highest and best good. 

Free you from the bonds of bitterness, despair, guilt, or anger. All are fear based thoughts, not worthy of your attention.  


Give rise to your own Spirit; give you with forgiveness, freeing you from all that is not based in love and light.  


See that which calls your attention; tend to all things with loving kindness. 



See the truth, move through pain and hurt as lovingly as possible, allowing the light of love to make the way clear before you.

Amanda Cooper

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