Angel Message Of The Day : Insights Into You



Insight begins with knowing that all is well, all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time.  


Insight is discernment, knowing which is for your highest and best good.  


Insight is trusting that all is given in the asking.  


Insight is inner sight, knowing, believing, and having faith that all is as it should be in this moment

Insight is following your inner guidance, the whisper of guidance resonating deep within you.   


Insight is feeling, sensing, hearing, and knowing the difference between the Ego-chitter chatter and the stillness from which your Higher-Self guides you in the physical realm.  


Dare to dream.  


Dare to hear.  


Dare to see.  


Dare to feel.  


Dare to speak your truth.  


Dare to be different.  


Walk the path before you with love, wisdom, grace, and ease, in harmony and joy.  

Light a candle, focus upon the flame.  


See the colors within the flame.  


It is time, beloved child, for you are whole, complete and perfect now, this moment and all the moments before you.

Amanda Cooper

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