Angel Message Of The Day : Pathway Of Harmony



Harmony is a sense of well-being, a sense of peace, a sense of joy, a sense of bliss.  Beloved child, know both your inner and outer Self.  


You are whole, complete and perfect as you are in this moment and the next, and the next.  


There is nothing you need to do, need to have, or need to be, to complete yourself, for you are already whole in all ways. 


Go within, your inner core knows all, has all, sees all you could ever desire in the Earthly realm and in the Realm of Spirit.  

In the dawning of each day, there is renewal of all things


In the setting of each day is the release of all things.  


In the seeking you shall find and be found.  


In the asking all shall be answered, the way smoothed before you.  

In the knocking all shall be revealed to you with the opening of your heart, mind, and Soul.  


All of these are pathways to harmony.  


How shall you open yourself to harmony this day?

Amanda Cooper

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