Angel Message Of The Day : Surrender Perception



Surrender is to release fear or doubt.  


Surrender is allowing light to shine through the perception of darkness.  


Surrender is allowing you to be one with Divine Source


You are loved; you are a light in the darkness of perception.  

Begin where you are, allowing your Inner-Self to experience all that you feel in this moment.  


Are you willing to release shadow, doubt or fear?  What do you truly fear?  


Sit in the silence, breathe deeply … exhale slowly and deeply.  


Feel your physical body sigh with relief, feel your shoulders release all they carry.  


Breathe in … exhale slowly. Allow your entire Being to release all that is not of love and light.  Breathe in … exhale slowly. 


Does Ego-chitter chatter fill your thoughts? Gently bring the conscious mind to gentleness, to peace

Begin to feel or sense harmony flow into the physical body easily and freely.  


Is there a thought, an experience, or an emotion you are willing to truly look at, experiencing the emotion of that which is before you?  


Allow the Inner-Self to fully feel the emotion, breathe deeply into the emotion … exhale slowly. Slowly, ever so slowly, feel or sense all negative emotions begin to dissolve. Breathe deeply, exhaling slowly until all simply melts from you.  


Sit in the silence for a few moments, allowing your Inner-Self to simply be.  


Surrender all perception for there is only love, love for yourself, love for others.

Amanda Cooper

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