Angel Number 115 DP

The divine universe expresses that now is the time for you to act on your thoughts, feelings, and desires. These changes are long-awaited, and your angels will send you all their love and support as you embark on a new journey. As you act on your desires, you will experience karmic life changes, some good and some unfavorable. Know that the divine universe has sent your guardian angels to support and heal you as you dawn a new era of your life. 


As you undergo these changes, your mind and spirit will waiver. The angels deliver 115 as a positive reminder to keep your thoughts and actions set on your aspirations. The angels only want what’s best for you and know how highly you value manifesting your highest ideals. Positively affirm and visualize the changes you want in life, and don’t be afraid to act on them. 


You have lots of drive and tenacity. Your initiative and natural compass guide you while making choices which define your path. Only you are in tune with your soul’s desires, so allow your inner wisdom to guide you as you strive toward them. Trust your angels, who are around you, gently helping you move forward

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