Angel Number 119

You are a passionate and hard-working soul. You take care of others (sometimes before yourself) and always view life through a positive lens. The universe is aware of your beautiful traits and wants to reward you. The positive energies you continuously send out will return to you through good karma. 


The angels urge you to keep up your positive energies! Now is not the time to slow down. The universe will continue to bless you, so expect to see success across all aspects of your life. Continue to focus on your life and soul missions so you can nourish your spirit. Listen to the callings of your soul and remain grateful for the blessings in your life. 


119 is a message from your guardian angels that a period of your life concludes as you turn over a new page. The unfamiliarity of transitions can be uncomfortable, so focus on the bright new beginnings in store. These new paths will only enhance your life!


When you feel uncertain during this time, remember that self-help and love are the best remedies. Your angels will lift you as you approach a happier and healthier life, so know that you will come out of the tunnel better than before.

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