Capricorn season and its challenges

The Capricorn Season and its challenges will not only affect Capricorns but also everyone in general.

Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn and Saturn is the lord of time, so there is a feeling that time is not enough and we do not know if we are managing it well or badly.

For Capri nothing is easy. This season came with everything so that we learn to break the structures and put them back together even if it costs us and it hurts. Many questions and many rethinking constantly.

Time of responsibilities and checklists
In this Capricorn season, the eternal checklist is coming in the sense that we are going to take on responsibilities and we must be careful because Capri tends to overload not only with his own responsibilities but with those around him.

That’s why it’s a bit difficult to enjoy this season because we’re already looking forward to January to do… nothing. It’s like doing a reset and Capri needs to have the last mark on the checklist crossed out.

Capricorn characteristics

Capricorn can feel too heavy and obviously will not ask for help because “nobody does it better than Capricorn” and because Capricorn does not want to bother, he has to be able to do it alone.
Not wanting to bother is a great concept, it is true, there is something about Capricorn that is not that they do not want to bother, they do not want to be noticed, as it seems unworthy to be noticed. But yes, he likes to be recognized for his work.

Most Capricorns tend to be very efficient, very productive, and very responsible. As a good earth sign, Capricorn goes the deepest. It is sign number 10 (December) and if you look at it in the general Zodiac mandala, Capricorn is up there in the model chart, which starts in Aries.

It is the sign that reaches the top, the one that makes concrete, the one that takes out, the one that shows society all those achievements of earth. So there is something about Capricorn that is not only productive and hard-working but also has a lot to contribute to the environment.

The motto for Capricorn

The motto for this sign is “Capri goes and does”. He goes and does, he does not have many ideas but he goes and does it, he does not walk around. This Capricorn season always feels very exhausted because it coincides with the end of the year in which you have to leave everything organized.

As with all this energy that is in the sky there is a greater sense of responsibility and the need arises to review, question, break structures and rearm. The balance is heavy but it is not necessary.

“Law and order”, Capri’s phrase
The energy of Capricorn is like the energy of order and law. As Joe said in the episode of Sun in Capricorn, “law and order” is the Capricorn phrase.

Here there is no room for the emotional and sentimental, there is room for the equitable administration of resources, all well organized. It is the earth sign that is furthest from all that, so it is difficult to admit that they need help and that they also need to be loved, they do not accept the crumbs and want to be loved well and with everything. That costs Capri a lot.

How are you doing this Capricorn season?
A good tip for this season, which is already coming to an end, is to take things easy because many things are happening in heaven that will make us question more. So, to breathe deeply and not make decisions that are not necessary.

Let go and enjoy, surf the wave and pass it, everything is going to settle down. Capricorn knows how to wait for its times, it does not act rapturous then, use that quality. So good, to relax and enjoy, which is something Capri sometimes forgets.

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