Eastern Astrology : Vishakha Nakshatra – The Star of Purpose

The name of Visakha’s Sanskrit origin is “two branches.” The planet Jupiter is linked to this nakshatra. Given that there are two resident deities in the Vishakha Nakshatra, there is a sense of duality associated with this nakshatra. That is, Indra and Agni. 


People born under this nakshatra frequently achieve only one major life objective. These locals are devoted and focused on a particular objective. This nakshatra is closely related to marriage and is controlled by the god Indra.


Indragni is the ruler of this nakshatra. The dimorphic duo of Indra and Agni is known as Indragni. This nakshatra is also controlled by Radha, according to belief. The gods Indra, the lord of thunder, and Agni, the lord of fire, jointly control Vishakha, the lone nakshatra. Although Indra was a strong god, he had terrible habits including drinking and gambling. He was unable to separate himself from life’s comforts. 


When Agni was starving, he needed to swallow the entire Khandava Vana to satiate his hunger, but Lord Indra kept getting in the way by bringing on storms and rain. Later, Indra’s son Arjuna engaged in combat with him. This satisfied Angi at last.

The star of purpose is the name of this nakshatra. This nakshatra is associated with exceptionally focused and goal-oriented people. They are persistent and tenacious, and they won’t give up until the objective is attained. They defeat their competition and have a lofty outlook on life. These locals must excel amid other folks. They are not prepared to take on a second job.


These people have control over their brains and senses since Indra is the presiding deity. On the other side, they undergo changes under the influence of Agni that purify and awaken their spiritual selves. These locals may experience loneliness and isolation. 


An individual becomes envious and overly possessive in a relationship due to the clashing nature of the governing deities of Indra and Agni. These locals frequently have perplexity over their spouses. They frequently exhibit inconsistent behaviour in a relationship.


Agni the Lord has seven tongues and is never content. Because of this, it is very challenging to please a Vishakha native in anything. Because of this, people strive for more in life, regardless of what they accomplish. Vishakha nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets

Divisions of Vishakha Nakshatra:

  1. Mars is in charge of Pada 1. This pada gives this nakshatra more momentum. People born under this pada have a tendency to be extroverted and adventurous.
  2. Venus is the planet that rules Pada 2. The natives are lovely and endearing because of this pada. This pada’s inhabitants have a propensity for materialistic wants.
  3. Mercury rules Pada 3, which is in the third house. This pada helps someone become sensible. These people tend to be self-assured and practical in their outlook on life.
  4. The Moon is the planet that rules Pada 4. One becomes sentimental and attached to other people as a result of this pada. They have a genuine concern for those around them.

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