Grey 2 Wealth

Grey 2

People with Grey auras choose their career based on what is convenient and what is considered secure. They do not like to venture on things that they are unsure of. They much rather go for a career that they know they will be great on already. People with this kind of aura choose their battles and are picky with what they will work on, so that they know that their efforts will not go to waste. 

These people with the Grey aura are hard workers. They are certainly confident with their craft, and they strive to work hard and do their jobs well. When you are talking about the kind of employees who are always strict to the rules, you are most likely referring to these people with Grey auras. As much as they are great with their work, they never stray to the set of rules that they started with. 

People with Grey aura do not like to associate themselves in chaotic and new situations. They like to keep to themselves when they work, and they much rather focus on their tasks than socializing. It is a great trait since they will be able to give 100% of their time on the task they are handling. However, this may mean that they are not great with making connections within their career. 

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