Grey 3 Wealth

Grey 3

In terms of career, they fit jobs that seem stable and secure. They are ambitious but they do not think outside of the box, they do not want to. They are the type of people who would rather go for the safe option at all times. They are not great with changes, and they prefer that they stay the same as they are. Even though it may seem stable for quite some time, there are repercussions in the long run since they would prefer to stay on the same company and be firm in one position than to try out a new job or a new opportunity that will be given to them such as promotions. 

In their career, they would prefer that it is monotonous. They would only do things that are convenient for them, and focus on the things that they deem is necessary. Otherwise, they will not focus on it at all and not give it a time of their day. People with the Grey aura also believe that they would work better on their own. They rather not let any hindrances get in the way, so that they can finish their task quickly. 

They need to remind themselves that the world is meant to be explored and there is much to the world than what they were exposed to. Especially when given the big opportunities, as much as they do not want to let go of the safe space they have made for themselves, they have to learn to try out other things, too. In this way, they will experience growth for their career and ultimately for themselves. Once they decide to finally let go of this fear, they will certainly flourish in the career that they have chosen.

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