Hapi Reading 2 DP


(1st – 7th January, 19th – 28th June, 1st – 7th September, and 18th – 26th November)

Loving, kind, and understanding.

Wealth and Career

Clarity leads to tangible results. Vagueness leads to ruin and loss. Think your plans through and make your goals for success as clear as daylight. When you speak to your coworkers and friends, do you act as if they can read your mind? Such bad thinking can lead to all kinds of trouble. Be honest and true with those who work with you, and let them know what you really want and what you really intend to happen. Dispel the clouds of confusion and forced silence, and let the voice of enlightened communication guide all of you to prosperity.

Love and Relationships

You cannot grab too many things at once, and you cannot bite off more than you can chew. It appears that you are confused about whom to choose as your romantic partner. You may have two or more people who seem to fit in your ideal version of love. This is a time of careful decision making, and a test of judging another person’s true character correctly. Pick the right one and you will be happy for life. Pick the wrong one, and you will have misery. You can only take one, and make it the right choice.

Health and Protection

When the mind is in chaos, the body gets sick. Negative thoughts can manifest into real physical issues. Are you getting down because of overthinking? Or are you being bothered by too many stresses and concerns? It is literally weakening you. Breathe, calm down, and take time to cleanse your inner world. Never let the toxins within you ruin your outside composure. When you are positive and pure in thoughts and feelings, so is your outer wellbeing also.

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