Mut Reading 43 DP


(22nd – 31st January and 8th – 22nd September)

Determined, goal orientated, and calm.

Wealth and Career

Fulfillment and adversity are both knocking at your door. You can achieve your dream of prosperity at this time, but you will undergo terrible hardships first before the final goal is attained. This is part of the process of working hard for what you want. Do not slack off, and do not give up. You are called to persevere, and to do what you have to do for your future.

Love and Relationships

Dark clouds are meant to be driven away .Your problem with finding love has something to do with your low self esteem and wrong negative beliefs about romance. You have been looking down at yourself on one hand, and you see others in a dark way. Let go of these and explore the happy side of people and life. In embracing what is beautiful, you will attract what is beautiful, and that includes love.

Health and Protection

Your intuition is telling you to get enough sleep. Your cycle has been disrupted by too many stressful things in your life. The need for you now is  to relax yourself. A hot bath, some herbal teas, soft music, meditation, and light workouts can help you go to bed. Note down your dreams as well in a journal. They can provide a clue to what is stressing you out in your subconscious mind.

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