Ox Reading 33


The sign of the Ox is grounded in the earth. Those born under the Year of the Ox are blessed with inner or outer strength. It is the combination of groundedness, honesty, and power that allow them to succeed at their work here in this life.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Organization and order is the focus of the day. Chaos is the enemy of success. Direct all of your resources in their proper place, and your plans in the correct order of priority. Have a schedule for your tasks and follow them to the letter. Messy work leads to messy results. If you scatter your items around, you tend to lose them more easily. So keep it clean, orderly, and punctual.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Plan ahead for the future. Your romantic relationship may just end in marriage, or if you are already married there will be challenges in your family life. Make sure you have plans for a good job, financial security, and how to live with your future spouse and children in a harmonious manner. Romance is not just about sweetness, there is a serious set of responsibilities attached to it, too.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Keep your home and workplace clean and streamlined. Get rid of clutter and other hazards. Messy and chaotic surroundings increase accidents. You do not want to bump into something and have a serious injury afterwards! So better put those potentially dangerous items in your place somewhere safe. Keep the hall clear of any potential dangers.

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