The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese horoscope and is known for its charm and friendliness. The outgoing Rat is smart and can easily attain success through hard work

Wealth, Career, and Finances

The stars of the Universe may not be in alignment today. You may be anxious and worried right now. Try to calm down and relax. Think deeply first with regard to making decisions. This goes for matters related to money and travel. Any move made due to gloomy thinking can bring you unintended problems, so avoid haste and fuss. You will succeed with your quiet hard work anyway, and this disquiet will soon come to pass.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Choose the right people who will work alongside you for today. Those who are not trustworthy or are negative can be a bad influence on you if you are not careful. There is chaos in the Universe for today, and often a few troublemakers can come in to mess it up for you. Stick with those people who are already in your inner circle for a long time. They have already earned your friendship and their loyalty has been proven in the hardest moments. When the storm of chaos has passed, you are free to meet other people and make new connections in the future.

Health, Safety, and Protection

The Universe is in a state of neurosis today. Are you feeling anxious, worried, or limited right now? Calm down! You are not the one malfunctioning right now. It is just the outer state of the world trying to mess up the peace of your inner world. Meditate and pray for a while today. It will help you from being swallowed up by the negative vibes, and also clear your mind for making any decisions at present. Try to keep watch so that your jitters do not wreck your health in any manner. Eventually, this stressful period is only temporary and your normal vibe will return soon.    

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