Tea Leaf Reading two

tea leaf reading

meaning two


Images seen:

Wavy lines.



A parcel with the numeral 4


Success and wealth are in your path, but you find it hard to reach for them. There are things blocking you in the very place where you are now. It may well be that you are in a toxic environment, or that there are no opportunities available where you are now. You need not remain there for long if it is stopping you from progressing. If you seek to move forward, you must literally move out! Go forth and seek better pastures, or go on a journey to find places where you will likely have an easier time to succeed. Sometimes, our deepest desires are attained when we get out of our poor comfort zones and go to the right spots where we can bloom effortlessly.


Evaluate the quality of your relationships. Are you happy, respected, and cared for? Or is it the complete horrible opposite of all of those? Be thankful if your bond with your loved one is strong and good. But if it is one that is abusive and unhappy, it is time to see things for what they really are, and take action! Any romance that goes the wrong way and becomes incurably toxic is one that is not worth staying in. You can learn to say no and leave if things are already getting harmful. The break-up may be painful, but you may spare yourself an unhappy future in the long run.


Listless, bored, and low in energy. You are probably in that state right now. Either the stresses of the world are draining you, or your lifestyle keeps you inactive and unhappy as you sit there in a corner. Get up and get a move on! Your body is not meant to lie in a corner and do nothing. Some vigorous movement and hard physical activity can do wonders for your energy levels. Doing something strenuous can be good for your health and release the piled up stress. So be not afraid to go and exert some efforts for your wellbeing. 

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