Thoth Reading 23 DP


(1st – 19th April and 8th – 17th November)

Wise, creative, and smart

Wealth and Career

Going outside the box can open you up to new worlds. Your routine is trapping you into a closed view of the possibilities out there. Every now and then, try to get out of your usual schedule and go somewhere else. There are opportunities and rewards of actual money waiting for you when you do the unconventional. It may not be what you are used to, but it has the potential to give you massive profits. Be not afraid, and take that risk.

Love and Relationships

Your self confidence is soaring high right now. There is a great chance that you will be lucky when it comes to love right now. Is there someone you want to confess your feelings to? Are you looking to impress and attract lovers to your life? Well, you just might snag someone after this. Your inner energy and positivity will radiate from within and reflect on your outer countenance when you go out in public.

Health and Protection

This is the time of yearly cleansing. The daily struggles of work and life means you have been putting all kinds of toxic stuff inside your mind and body. The long term effects will not be good. Try eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking clean water as starters. Have you been putting all kinds of depressing and perverted contents into your mind? The call is to wash those out also. Try reading positive and uplifting stuff, and cutting down your mindless media browsing. You are responsible for keeping your mind and body free from sickening impurities.

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