Thoth Reading 3 DP


(1st – 19th April and 8th – 17th November)

Wise, creative, and smart

Wealth and Career

Hope always springs eternal. Mistakes of the past can always be corrected. Weeping about your wrong decisions of long ago only paralyzes you from attaining your success. Despair only drives away abundance from you. What else can a wise man do, but learn from the wrongs that have already happened and to never repeat them again. The future is never set in stone, and our anticipation for better things actually brings our deepest goals closer to us. Get up from where you have fallen, and claim the treasure that is meant for you.

Love and Relationships

Something beautiful is hidden in the ordinary. The wonderful is always hidden in what is imperfect. For once pay attention, and see what your loved ones are doing for you every day of your life. Your partner and all those close to you have always been kind and caring. Be grateful and reciprocate. You have been receiving love and goodness all this time, only that you do not realize it. Reality is kinder than you think it is.

Health and Protection

There is strength hidden within you. There is potential for greater power. You have been neglecting your physical capabilities for some time, and have allowed yourself to get weak. Time to get up and move. Add more exercise to your daily routines or engage in actual physical training. Power that remains unused and undeveloped fades away if you let it. Do not ever let that happen.

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