Thoth Reading 44 DP


(1st – 19th April and 8th – 17th November)

Wise, creative, and smart

Wealth and Career

Problems are the soil where ideas grow. Ideas are the trees where wealth is taken from. Do you have an old issue you wish to fix? A crisis you want to overcome? Do not run away from them, but let your imagination help solve them. What was meant to weaken you may actually be opportunities. The solutions your mind spawns from hard times will actually be profitable if you decide to promote them.

Love and Relationships

This is a low time for your romantic feelings right now. You need moments of solitude to sort yourself out first. Your romantic partner may get concerned about you, so it would be good if you are honest about whatever it is you are going through right now. This is a temporary moment, and you will be recharged from within the next day.

Health and Protection

Mind over matter. You must know by now that your thoughts and moods actually influence your physical health in more ways than one. If you are having more problems with your body than usual, check your emotions and thoughts first before going to the doctor. Sometimes, the cause for your problems may well be your own unhappy feelings. Getting some humor and raising your emotional state and mental perspective can certainly help improve your wellbeing along with the usual medical treatments.

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