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You are a water person, this means that you are usually very loving, giving, and nurturing. You are often attracted to people who are strong and independent, but who also need your help from time to time. People with water elements want to be needed and appreciated by their partners, so they may look for someone who can provide them with attention and affection. You are attracted to those who have an air element because these types of individuals tend to be very intelligent, witty, and creative—all qualities that people with water traits value highly in their partners. You also enjoy spending time around people who have a fire element because you bring energy and enthusiasm into any relationship.


Specifically, there are many ways to attract someone with a water element: Show them you care about what they’re doing in life (whether it’s work or hobbies) by asking questions about it and listening attentively when they answer them; Compliment them on how much you appreciate all the little things they do for you; Give them gifts that show how much you care about them (for example: flowers or chocolate). It can be fantastic for your relationships if you use it in a way that helps you achieve your professional and personal goals. You must learn how to manage the drive and ambition of a fire person if you want to have a good relationship with them. Fire people constantly aspire for more because they are never satisfied with their accomplishments. When things don’t go as rapidly as they would like them to, their desire to outperform everyone else around them might make them irritable.

In addition, you are the kind of person who looks for someone who is sensitive and caring. You have a tendency to be very empathetic and understanding towards other people. You can easily put yourself in their shoes and understand how they feel. This makes it easier for you to help others in need as well as care for them. You are also very intuitive and will be able to sense whether or not someone is lying or being deceitful towards you.


You will try to avoid people who do not have good intentions because you do not like being taken advantage of by others. People with water elements look for a partner who is gentle, caring, and kind. They want someone who will be there for them when they need it most, and who will be able to give them the emotional support that they need. They also want someone who can match their own level of emotional intelligence and sensitivity to others’ needs. Water-element people are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions, so they need a partner who can reciprocate that sensitivity by being tuned in to their own feelings and needs as well as those of their partners.


Along with this, you love being empathetic and sensitive towards others, water-element people also have a lot of love to give themselves—they like things that are beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. For example, they may enjoy going on trips or vacations in order to see new places or experience different cultures or traditions firsthand; or they may spend time at home decorating their homes with beautiful artwork or plants. In fact, some water-element people will even incorporate nature into their homes by placing plants throughout the house.

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