Wood If you are looking for love 2



A wood element person like you has a deep and natural appreciation for nature and the environment. You are often sensitive to the needs of other people and animals, and you have a strong desire to help others. These qualities make wood element people very attractive in romantic relationships. When it comes time to find a partner, you are looking for someone who shares your love of the natural world and who is willing to put that love into action by helping others.


Because wood element people like you tend to be very sensitive emotionally, you can be hurt easily when you feel like someone around you is being dishonest with you. If you find yourself feeling this way about someone you are dating or even married to; it may be worth keeping an eye out for signs that your partner isn’t being honest with you about something important going on in their life (like having another lover). People with the Wood element tend to be the most adventurous, and you like taking risks. You are attracted to people who are open-minded, spontaneous, and fun. You also appreciate people who can make you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Moreover, the Wood element is associated with the color green, which represents growth, harmony and renewal. People with this element value relationships that are healthy and nurturing, so you look for partners who are warm and caring. You may find yourself attracted to someone who has a good sense of humor because you want someone who will be able to make you laugh on a regular basis; however, you should not overlook other qualities such as intelligence and kindness when looking for love.

People with wood elements like to be around people who are open, friendly and gentle. You like to be in a relationship where you feel safe and secure. People with wood elements tend to have short-term relationships, but you are very loyal once they do commit themselves. You are a faithful partner and will often stay in a relationship for many years if your partner makes you feel secure and safe. Wood people like to be surrounded by beauty and appreciation for the arts. You need someone who can appreciate their artistic side, whether it is designing clothes or making art on the walls of your home.


You also need someone who will not make you feel guilty about spending time alone or enjoying quiet activities such as reading books or listening to music while you work on projects around the house. People with wood elements tend to be introverted and need some time alone every day in order to recharge your batteries so you can function at your best later that evening when they go out with friends or family members after work hours end at 5 pm each day (or whenever).


The Wood element is associated with growth and expansion, so those born with this element are typically attracted to people who share their need for exploration and adventure. You look for someone who can keep up with you, or at least be willing to try. People with this element also value honesty and loyalty above all else, so you tend to gravitate towards people who are unfailingly honest and trustworthy. You are also drawn towards people who are open-minded and flexible; you don’t like being confined by rules, especially when it comes to your partners. Wood people are very self-sufficient but also very empathetic—you want someone who can understand what they’re going through without having to tell them all about it. The best way to show this is by listening carefully when they speak, then offering guidance when appropriate.

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