Angel Message Of The Day : Inner Sight

Elemiah, the angel of discovery and reflection, advises us to begin each day with a period of stillness. It might be challenging to carve out time for ourselves in today’s fast-paced world in order to just sit quiet and listen to the voice that comes from inside. But, it is in the stillness that we are able to connect with our deepest yearnings and discover the reason for our existence.

During this period of quiet, we are instructed to focus inside and bring illumination to ourselves by taking slow, deep breaths. This involves centering our attention on the light that already exists inside us and enabling it to shine outward. When we do this, we establish a connection with our fundamental nature as well as the truth that is deep inside us. When we are in this place of inner awareness, we may start to comprehend what it is that we are really after and how we might make the most progress toward achieving it.

The path within oneself is not always a smooth one. It is necessary for us to face our anxieties, uncertainties, and insecurities head on. On the other hand, when we travel further within, we are assured that we are safeguarded and watched after. Our investigation into the depths of our own selves should not be viewed as something to be dreaded but rather as something to be welcomed. The trip that we take within ourselves is the only way for us to discover the answers that we are looking for.

The question, “What do we seek?” is one that we are urged to ask ourselves. Are we, in all honesty, ready to take possession of that which we seek? It is essential to keep in mind that the act of questioning results in the disclosure of everything and the provision of everything. The trip that lies ahead of us starts on the inside, and it is up to each of us to decide how we want to go down this route.

It is imperative that we do not forget to maintain our connection with our true selves as the day progresses. Because of this connection, we have the opportunity to discover serenity, clarity, and purpose in our lives. It is very easy to become preoccupied with the activities of our everyday life, but we need to keep in mind that the most important journey is the one we take within ourselves.

In conclusion, we are encouraged to make sure that each day we set aside some time for ourselves, to just be still and connect with the inner parts of ourselves. We have to keep in mind that whatever we are looking for is already there within us at this same time. It is necessary for us to have the bravery to travel within and believe that we will be kept secure and protected along the route. The way that lies in front of us is open to our selection, and it is up to us to go down it with focus and determination.

Amanda Cooper

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