Angel Message Of The Day : Serenity

Angel of Serenity 


Allow you to release sorrow, pain, conflict, un-ease, dis-ease. Allow you to release all that rises from fear based thoughts and fear based emotions.  


Disengage from struggle and conflict.  


Simply allow you to be drawn into the light of Divine Source.  


There is only light, there is only love.  


All else is an attempt to distract you from your path along the journey before you.


There are many paths to that which you seek.  

Seek first the light within you for the light within, is the seed from Divine Source


Seek first the light within. 


Your core essence is tranquil, peaceful, joyful.  


Open yourself to that which creates within you a sense of peace and tranquility.  


You need not look behind you; begin where you are, acknowledging all that has come before.  


Give you the gift of being open to receiving all that you seek, all you desire.  

Light a candle, sit in the silence, allowing guidance to be given to you in the silence. 


How shall you choose serenity this day?

Amanda Cooper

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