Angel Message Of The Day : Disengage From Struggle & Conflict

Angel of Serenity, 


You are loved. You are a beautiful, loving person. You deserve success, happiness and love. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on what you already have: you have a family who loves you, a job that gives you meaning and purpose in life, and the ability to be happy. You may be thinking: “I don’t want to feel like this anymore.” We know that feeling, because we’ve felt it too. But here’s what we learned: when we disengaged from our thoughts or emotions about things that weren’t working out for us—when we turned our attention away from the negative—we found ourselves able to find solutions that worked for us. We found answers to our problems in ways that made us feel good about ourselves again.


Disengage; withdraw your thoughts, your emotions from that which is not of love.  Disengage; simply turn your thoughts to that which brings a smile to your beautiful, loving face. It’s important to remember that even when things seem crazy, there is still someone out there who loves you unconditionally; someone who won’t judge or criticize you for who you are or what decisions you make; someone who will always be there for you no matter what happens in your life. It may not be easy at first—but it gets easier every day.


As you turn the corner, you can see that it is not as bad as you thought. You may have imagined that the situation is worse than it really is. You may be so used to seeing the world through your own lens that you have allowed your fears to blind you to what is really going on around you. You may have been so focused on how others see things that you have made yourself a victim of others’ opinions. You may have been so busy comparing yourself to others that you haven’t taken time to evaluate your own strengths and abilities. You may have forgotten how much good there is in this world, just waiting for someone like you to take notice of it. In your mind imagine you are doing an about face, turning a corner, walking away from conflict, surrendering the need to be right or to be heard. 


At times silence is louder than words spoken or actions taken.  Surrender the need to fight for yourself.  Surrender the need to be seen. You’re going to have great days and you’re going to have hard days.  When you’re having a hard day, remember that this too shall pass, just like your other days will pass, and one day you’ll wake up and everything will seem like it was yesterday again. You can’t escape what’s happening in your life by running away from it. You can’t escape what’s happening in your life by running away from it by talking about it or trying to fix it; instead, surrender. Surrender the need to fight for yourself so that you can focus on what matters most: being present with yourself in this moment right now.


It’s easy to fall into a pattern of fighting for your own needs, but it’s much harder to surrender those needs and accept their absence. It’s also easier to focus on how you want others to see you than how they see you. But if you’re willing to let go of what others think about you, then they’ll be able to see who you really are and not just some version of yourself that they want or need from you. Choose to see and hear, letting everything that doesn’t appeal to you pass by peacefully. We advise you to be honest and avoid playing the game altogether. We kindly request that you play the game of speaking politely or refrain from speaking.


Act kindly, think kindly allowing another to create their own reality. Peace and Tranquility are yours for the asking, for the choosing. How shall you choose this day? Shall you choose to disengage from struggle and conflict? We are all connected, each to the other and to the All That Is. Every thought we think and every action we take affects not only ourselves but also those around us and the world at large. When we act kindly and think kindly, we allow others the freedom to create their own reality. We respect their right to choose their own path, even if it is different from our own. In doing so, we create a space of peace and tranquility within ourselves and in the world. How will you choose this day? Will you choose to engage with others in a spirit of kindness, or will you choose to withdraw into your own world? The choice is yours.

Amanda Cooper

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