Angel Number 117

117 represents all the beautiful things your future has in store for you. So, get ready to receive all the positive gifts from the divine universe!


Your angels are staying close to you during this time in your life. Your guardian angels continuously encourage you to focus on your mission with a positive outlook so you can attract positives! You are on your right path and are striving toward great things, so remain confident!


Your angels want to give you all the motivation and love you need so you can continue to work hard toward your goals. You will inevitably face obstacles along your journey, but with the guidance of your angels, you will overcome anything. Call upon your divine angels whenever you need the universe’s support, and they will show you that you’re not alone. 


Angel number 117 represents the abundance of love in your life. Know you deserve love, so be open to receiving it when it appears. Although you have made past love mistakes, you have grown and will not make them again. The angels encourage you to give and receive love with a kind heart. Only then will you satisfy your growing hunger for love and affection!

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