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What kind of partner do you look for in a relationship?


As an Aries, you are a fiery sign that loves to be in control. You want a partner who is willing to go along with your plans and ideas, even if they don’t agree with them. Your ideal partner is someone who can be your equal and challenge you intellectually. As an Aries, you are a passionate, energetic personality. You love to be in charge and take control of situations. You are also very competitive and will do anything to win. When it comes to relationships, you want someone who can keep up with your energy and enthusiasm for life. A partner who is willing to go along with whatever plans you make is ideal for an Aries like yourself. You also need someone who shares your passion for adventure and excitement–someone who won’t be afraid to try new things with you.

Aries, you are looking for a partner who you can trust. Building trust between partners might take time, but it allows them to be vulnerable with one another since they know they can rely on the other. Trust can take some time to develop. And although while it can be difficult to trust someone, particularly if your trust has been betrayed in the past, you cannot hold your current spouse responsible for the actions of a third party. They must be trustworthy. Would your spouse be there for you if you needed someone to listen to you when you were having a difficult day or if you needed a ride home from school? Would you support them? You care about this, Aries. Additionally, the companion you choose ought to respect your personal boundaries. Do they respect you when you express to your partner that something makes you uncomfortable? Do things work both ways? They must then be sincere with you. Does your partner express their emotions to you rather than keeping quiet? Do you communicate your feelings to your partner and try to work things out? Would you admit a mistake to your partner? Will your partner inform you? Do what you say and speak what you mean; don’t just talk the talk.

Lastly, someone who knows and prioritize consent is what you are looking for, Aries. Giving consent, which is most frequently used when engaging in sexual activity, indicates that you are okay with what is happening and that no one is pressuring you or using guilt to make you do something you don’t want to. Giving consent once does not obligate you to continue giving it in the future; consent can be revoked at any moment. The expression of two people’s obvious and enthusiastic willingness to participate in sexual activity by words or deeds is known as consent. Consent does not include remaining silent or showing no resistance. Those persons, such as those who are intoxicated, asleep, or unconscious, as well as some people with cognitive limitations, are unable to give consent. Active communication and understanding of one’s right to revoke consent are required for consent. Consequently, someone may give their approval to one activity (kissing), but not to another (sex). Similar to sex, consent should be based on respecting each other’s right to make personal choices regarding their bodies. Obtaining consent can be easy if you communicate clearly. Before engaging in sexual activity, you can discuss boundaries, but you should also periodically check in by asking, “Is this okay? “to make sure everyone is at ease with what is happening.

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