Coffee Cup Readings Bell Meaning 3

Today's Coffee Reading

Meaning 3:


The bell shows up in the coffee cup, and rings out unexpected news into your life. Like the sound that clangs in the middle of the night, it can spell a surprise for good or ill. Unpredictable things can happen with your money. You may either hear of gains or sudden profits, or losses that may come without warning. You may be caught off guard if you are not anticipating anything, so try to be prepared for good news, or at least to brace yourself for unwanted developments.


There may be massive developments with regards to your romantic relationships. Whether they may be good or bad, expect that these can change your life in massive ways. Some surprises can pop up with news regarding your health. It will be like a double edged sword. It can either be good news about hope for recovery, or about things headed for the worse. What you may soon here about is like a box of chocolates. You may never know what you are going to get. 

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