CYAN 2 Wealth


Career-wise, the cyan aura people are great at communication, especially at making things in balance which means they can help people who struggle a lot in their life. The best occupation for them is being a Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher, and Guidance counselor because in general, Cyan Aura people are open-minded towards others and able to understand the situation of their clients. They may not be able to experience the struggle of the people they help, however they would feel the same way when they are wearing the same shoes as their clients since Cyan Aura people are empathetic and emotionally sensitive towards the people around them which make them understand the situation better. Once they are able to understand the nature of the work they have, it is easier for them to think about what to do quickly to remedy the situation to make things easier for everyone. For example, if a cyan aura person is a teacher and they observe their students are having a hard time with their traditional teaching style and they thought of changing it instead sticking to the other style and once they find it more successful, they will feel fulfilled as they were able to teach their students easier and other than that, the students are also learning well.

Once they encounter a difficult challenge that they may face in their career path, they may be having a hard time handling it well as they overthink a lot about it even the smallest details since they feel bad easily. For a Cyan Aura person to be alright with their bad situation on their career path, they need also need someone that they may able to approach and provide healthy advice on what they may able to do next time in order not to make the same mistake or situation happen again and let them overcome the criticism they may face in life as this is a normal encounter and it is inevitable which sooner or later, they will accept it wholeheartedly. 

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