Daily Horoscope Taurus 8

Taurus 8


We feel that reverberating sound of enthusiasm enveloping you, Taurus. You are dead set on becoming your most active self today and nothing can ever hold you back to greet the sunshine with that overpouring energy leaking from your very soul. You have a strong need for security and stability, which can make you hard to please or even understand at times. But when you do get it right, you’re incredibly happy with your life.

Why not start the day making the quickest yet most scrumptious and nutritive meal to set your mood? Go with the mind-blowing 5 minute recipe known for its versatility; the amazing egg tacos! Its secret lies beneath all the seasonings poured over with love, a method done last after frying the eggs to medium low hit then scraping it until it is solidified. Tortillas should then be warmed to perfection before assembling the eggs and toppings atop it. Voila! There you have it, a refined breakfast that is an instant mood booster and highly nutritious in nature

What could ever go wrong with light brisk walks after filling your stomach? Breathe in that fresh scent of air and indulge in the warm sunlight that is sure to enrich your body that much needed Vitamin D. While you are at it, switch from brisk walks to jogging then sprint and light exercises to help you catch your breath. Phew. Hopefully you brought the best companion for workouts: your water bottle. Your motivation seemed to have developed a secondary trait similar to common cold. It is contagious after all. Do something new with your partner today by enrolling in a fitness gym so you both can stay fit and active together, even outside. 

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