Eastern Astrology : Mrigashira Nakshatra – The Searching Star


“Mrig” is the Sanskrit word for “seeking.” Mrigashira is a nakshatra that represents inquiry, seeking, or research. The Moon, also known as Soma, is this Nakshatra’s deity. Soma is connected to Amrit, the elixir of life, which possesses healing qualities.

Soma is the deity of immortality as a result. The moon is a symbol for food or nourishment. Devi Parvati, Shiva’s devoted bride, is the main deity connected to the Mrigashira nakshatra.

Hindu mythology holds that Devi Parvati wed Shiva against her father Daksha’s wishes. Daksha was opposed to Shiva and Parvati getting married. Shiva and Parvati were not included on the invitation list for the lavish yagna that Daksha organised.

After learning this, Parvati was so terribly offended that she insisted Shiva accompany her to the yagna. Shiva forbade Parvati from travelling, but permitted her to see her father. Parvati committed herself because Daksha insulted her and her devoted spouse Shiva. Shiva resolved to end the yagna out of rage over the loss of his wife.

The yagna assumed the form of a deer and soared into the air to escape Shiva’s grasp. Shiva ultimately put an end to the yagna, and the star known as Mrigashira nakshatra was named after the deer head. Mrigashira’s nakshatra is the site of several ritualistic sacrifices when important planets are transiting it.

The nakshatra’s inhabitants are often gorgeous, alluring, soft-spoken, and modest. Due to the Moon’s association with this nakshatra, the people are by nature appealing. They favour getting lost and being by themselves. Since the nakshatra of Mrigashira is connected to the planet of activity Mars, people born under this sign tend to be very busy and workaholics.

Mrigashira Nakshatra is a searching nakshatra, as the symbol denotes. Those born under this nakshatra have a natural curiosity and a desire to find solutions. People who work in scientific subjects frequently have strong Mrigashira nakshatra aspects in their charts. These people have a hard time trusting someone before hearing all of their explanations. They are not irrational believers.

Mrigashira is a nakshatra that represents comfort and sustenance. An individual with this nakshatra is more likely to be drawn to worldly pleasures. The Moon has lunar phases, which are related to the Moon’s cyclical cycle. This emphasises the erratic, changing character of this nakshatra. These locals are quite temperamental and easily distracted.

People must look for and locate things in their lives that are related to that house or planet when significant planets are placed in the Mrigashira nakshatra. For instance, a person who has the fourth lord in the Mrigashira nakshatra is constantly looking for happiness and comfort in their life. Mrigashira nakshatra is divided into 4 different padas which carries the energy of 4 different planets


Divisions of Mrigashira Nakshatra:

  1. The planet Sun is in charge of Pada 1, which. An individual becomes sincere and responsible thanks to this pada. They possess natural leadership abilities.
  2. Mercury rules Pada 2, which is in the second house. This pada helps someone become sensible. These people tend to be self-assured and practical in their outlook on life.
  3. Venus, the planet, rules Pada 3. One becomes sentimental and attached to other people as a result of this pada. They have a strong attachment to worldly pleasures.
  4. Mars is in charge of Pada 4. This pada gives this nakshatra more momentum. People born under this pada have a tendency to be extroverted and adventurous. People who fall under this group may struggle with their wrath.

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