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This is a gigantic year for your overflowing sign, Leo! There is such a lot going on, that it is frequently difficult to monitor every one of the great treats available for your indication of the Lion! A significant part of this current year is additionally figuring out how to give up and give up to the obscure. 


The subject for your fire sign is to have the tolerance to realize that it will all wind up precisely the manner in which it should be! Thus, you are met with an inconceivable trial of confidence all through 2021 that will leave you surprised at the fact that it is so wonderful to act naturally! There will be some passionate tests and vivacious changes, yet with your telling presence, you’ll have the option to deal with everything effortlessly. 


The year starts with a solid mid-January square between Jupiter in your restricting indication of Aquarius and Uranus in individual fixed sign Taurus, making a difficult T-square energy in your diagram. This isn’t the least demanding of arrangements to manage by any means, requiring outrageous self-care as a rule. 

This T-square influences all domains of your life, and is likewise carried around again with the Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus, spreading over an enormous impact through mid-February, mid-June, and late December. These will be time spans where you’ll confront a huge load of inner and outer grating, and much of the time, can be a sure absolute last thing that can be tolerated regarding your vocation, connections, and public life. 


At last, the current year’s lunar obscurations will likewise trigger some significant cycles featuring your own zones of self-articulation, proficient connections, and local area improvement in May, July, September, and November.



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