Angel Message Of The Day: Stillness

Guardian Angel of Stillness 


Be in the moment. Be in the silence. Being in the moment means bringing your attention to the present experience, whether it be a simple task, a conversation, or a moment of solitude. It is a practice of mindfulness, where you observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations without judgment or attachment. By being in the moment, you awaken to the beauty and wonder that exists in the ordinary aspects of life. In the silence, you find a sanctuary for your soul. It is a space of stillness and tranquility, where the noise of the external world fades away, and you can connect with your inner self. Being in silence is an opportunity to pause, reflect, and recharge. It is a time to let go of the constant stream of thoughts and find solace in the spaciousness of the present moment.


Quiet your mind, deepen your breath.  Deepen your breath, for the breath, is a powerful tool that can anchor you to the present moment and bring about a sense of relaxation and grounding. When you deepen your breath, you tap into the innate wisdom of your body and activate the relaxation response. It is a practice of mindfulness, where you bring your attention to the rhythm and depth of your breath, allowing it to guide you into a state of calmness and centeredness. Quietening your mind and deepening your breath go hand in hand, as they support and enhance each other. When you quiet your mind, you create a space of stillness where you can focus on your breath. And when you deepen your breath, you bring your attention to the present moment, helping to quiet the mind and release tension and stress.

Allow your physical body to release all it is carrying within and around it. To release what your body is carrying within, it is important to cultivate a sense of awareness and presence. Take moments throughout your day to tune into your body, noticing any areas of tension, discomfort, or heaviness. As you bring your attention to these sensations, invite a sense of surrender and let go. Allow your breath to flow deeply into these areas, inviting a gentle release of tension and stress. In addition to releasing what is within, it is equally important to release what is around your physical body. The energy of the external world can often accumulate and impact your well-being. This can include the energy of other people, environments, or even your thoughts and emotions. By consciously releasing this external energy, you create a space of clarity and vitality within your physical body.


Feel the tension in your shoulders and neck simply melt from you.  As you consciously focus on this area, invite a sense of surrender and release. Allow any thoughts or worries to float away, leaving behind only a sense of peace and calm. Let go of the need to hold onto tension, and instead, embrace the freedom that comes with releasing it. You may find it helpful to gently roll your shoulders, allowing any remaining tightness to be released. As you do so, imagine the tension unraveling, like a tight knot being untangled. With each roll, feel the muscles becoming more supple and flexible as if they were being gently massaged by invisible hands.


Be in the silence. What do you hear outside of yourself? Listen closely, and you may hear the soft rustling of leaves as a gentle breeze caresses the trees. The melodic chirping of birds, their songs carrying through the air, creates a symphony of nature’s harmonies. The distant hum of traffic is a reminder of the bustling world beyond your immediate surroundings. The rhythmic pattern of raindrops, dancing upon the roof or windowpane, creates a soothing melody of nature’s tears. In the silence, you may also become aware of the subtle sounds of life unfolding around you. The distant laughter of children playing is a reminder of the joy and innocence that exists in the world. The gentle lapping of waves upon the shore is a reminder of the vastness and power of the ocean. The distant rumble of thunder is a reminder of the forces of nature and the ever-changing rhythms of life.

Listen with your physical ears. Listen with your inner ears. Listen with your inner ears, for they can perceive the subtler dimensions of existence. Tune in to the whispers of your heart, as it speaks its truth and guides you towards your authentic path. Pay attention to the subtle sensations in your body, as they communicate messages and insights that may not be easily put into words. In the realm of the inner ears, you can attune to the deeper truths that lie beyond the surface level of everyday life. It is a realm of intuition, creativity, and spiritual connection. By listening with your inner ears, you can tap into your innate wisdom, access higher guidance, and align with your true purpose. 


Breathe deeply and slowly, pausing as you fill your entire Being with the love and light of the Divine Source. With each inhalation, invite the love and light of the Divine Source to flow into your body, mind, and spirit. Allow it to penetrate deep within, dissolving any barriers or blockages that may hinder your connection to this divine energy. As you exhale, release any tension, worries, or negativity, allowing them to be transformed and transmuted by the loving energy that surrounds you. Pause for a moment as you reach the peak of your inhalation, savoring the fullness and richness of this divine love and light. Feel it expanding within you, radiating outwards, and infusing every aspect of your existence. Allow it to nourish and heal you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Be in the gap; be in the moment, feel or sense the stillness in between thoughts. In this state of stillness, you may become aware of the gentle rhythm of your breath, the rise and fall of your chest, anchoring you in the present moment. You may notice the sensations in your body, the feeling of your feet on the ground, the touch of the air on your skin, grounding you in the physical experience of the here and now. As you rest in the gap, allow yourself to simply be, without judgment or attachment to any particular thought or emotion. Observe the thoughts as they arise and dissolve, like passing clouds in the sky. Notice the emotions that come and go, like waves in the ocean. Allow them to flow through you, without clinging or resisting, knowing that they are transient and impermanent.

Be in the silence.  Allow you the gift of silence. Allow yourself the gift of silence, and you will discover that it is not a void to be filled, but a space to be embraced. It is a canvas upon which you can paint your dreams, your intentions, and your desires. It is a sanctuary where you can find clarity, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. In the silence, you may find answers to the questions that have been lingering in your mind. You may gain insights and perspectives that were previously hidden in the noise of everyday life. You may tap into a deep well of creativity, inspiration, and wisdom that resides within you.


Do you not feel a sense of peace?  In the depths of peace, you may find a profound connection to something greater than yourself. It is a connection to the universal energy, the divine essence that flows through all of creation. It is a recognition that you are an integral part of the interconnected web of life and that your well-being is intimately linked to the well-being of others and the world around you. When you tap into this sense of peace, you may notice a softening of your heart, a deepening of your compassion, and a widening of your perspective. You may find that peace allows you to approach challenges and difficulties with grace and resilience. It empowers you to respond rather than react, to choose love over fear, and to navigate life’s ups and downs with equanimity.


Delight in the gift of stillness for in stillness all things are possible. You can access the depths of your intuition and inner wisdom. As the mental chatter subsides, you can tap into a deeper knowing, a profound guidance that transcends logic and reasoning. It is a space where you can connect with your true desires, passions, and purpose, and align your actions with your authentic self. In the gift of stillness, you can find clarity amidst the chaos. As you allow yourself to be fully present, you can observe your thoughts and emotions with a sense of detachment and non-judgment. This clarity allows you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your patterns, and your conditioning. It enables you to make conscious choices and take intentional actions that align with your values and aspirations.

Amanda Cooper

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