How should you deal with jealousy ARIES 2? DP



How should you deal with jealousy?


As an Aries, you should deal with jealousy in a way that is productive and respectful of the other person. You should not try to hide your feelings or make them go away by trying to convince yourself that it’s not real. Instead, you should acknowledge that jealousy is real, but then try to use it as a motivator for change. Jealousy can be useful if you see it as an opportunity for growth rather than a sign of weakness or immaturity. When dealing with someone who is jealous of you, it is important to remember that they have their own issues and may not be able to handle what you’re doing well. Try ignoring their jealousy and focusing on your own goals instead, even if they are less lofty than yours.

As an Aries, it can be helpful to recognize when you start feeling jealous and take time to pause. Asking yourself what is behind the jealousy – instead of reacting immediately – may reveal a need that needs fulfilling or something in your life that needs addressing. Once you get more clarity on why you’re feeling jealous, try coming up with strategies on how to meet those needs or how to change things so you don’t feel as envious anymore. Talking openly and honestly about the situation with someone else might also provide insight into practical solutions and help build self-awareness around the root cause of your feeling jealous.

Aries, discuss this with your partner as soon as possible if your partner’s behavior or the behavior of another person toward your partner makes you feel envious. When you and your partner have some time to devote to an effective talk, bring up jealousy. When you can, try to avoid talking about something serious right before bed or right before leaving for the day. It’s possible that your partner was unaware of the conduct or did not understand how it made you feel. Take advantage of the chance to address any relationship boundaries you may want to revisit or techniques to maintain a solid partnership. Find a few ways you and your partner can work together to make things better if you trust your mate but aren’t sure due of past relationship experiences. Try to keep in mind that envious feelings are very normal if you’re hesitant to disclose them. Even your partner might have experienced jealousy at one point or another.

Jealousy, Aries, can be a challenging, potent feeling, and you might not feel your best when you’re experiencing it. However, consider viewing it as a useful information source rather than something unpleasant. Jealousy informs you that what you have and what you want are not the same thing. If left unchecked, envy can spiral into self-blame and keep you feeling deficient. Nevertheless, you might be able to control it if you see it as useful knowledge that you can apply to produce situations where your wants are satisfied. Sometimes, talking about your worries with a stranger might help you get perspective and make the situation less terrifying.

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