Spiritual Wellness poor

Bad Condition

Your spiritual well-being of today is in poor condition because: You won’t be able to access your innate sense of wisdom or intuition. You won’t have an easy time putting your faith in your instincts. Your lack of intuitive capacity is a major source of frustration for you, as it prevents you from making sound decisions. It’s possible that you’re not familiar with the proper way to listen to it, or that it just isn’t present in the first place. It’s possible that you feel as though you’re completely out of touch with your true self. It’s possible that you’re going through some kind of spiritual crisis right now, and if so, this might be the source of a lot of tension in your life. You are not in a good place spiritually, and this could have repercussions for both your mental and physical health. There is a possibility that you are suffering from a stress-related sickness or another medical issue that has nothing to do with your physical health but is brought on by the stress in your life. It is vitally crucial for you to schedule some time off just for yourself in order to reclaim command of your feelings and thoughts.

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