Tea Leaf Reading 6

tea leaf reading

Images seen:

Large tree on side.

Anchor on side.

Bird flying high towards handle.

Small cross in bottom.

Letter sign close to handle.


Letters ‘L’ , ‘C’ and ‘H.’


You are probably anticipating this for quite some time. You have done all you can and pushed far enough in whatever you are doing. Now you will reap the rewards. A stream of good news is headed your way, and they will change your life in a positive manner. Time to rejoice, time to be grateful. All that you have worked for and wished for are coming your way.


There will be happiness in the air. If you are looking for love, then this will be your lucky break! You will find someone whose personality and character will be a match for you! Any future relationship you may have may turn out to be a joyful and constructive one. Do not let go of the opportunity once it presents itself. If the worthy person appears in your life, let them in and never let them go.


Things eventually get better, that is the truth for today. A check up may turn out fine, or your efforts to become more fit will pay off faster than you think. Be prepared for surprise recoveries or improvements in your general condition. Any feelings of weakness will dissipate and new energy will be coming into your life.

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