Tiger Reading 24


This is the third among the animal signs. The Tiger in the Chinese horoscope represents the forces that exorcize evil and darkness. People born under this sign are known for bravery and unstoppable strength.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

Distractions are your enemy today. The harsh realities of work and pursuing success are making you overthink everything. Keep your focus on what is important. Allowing your own thoughts to overwhelm you can lead to paralyzing stress. A mind that is not swayed easily can see the root of all problems, and in dealing with the root all others are also solved with it.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Give space for freedom for those other people in your life. This includes romantic partners, friends, or close family. Lately, you may have been worried too much about how other people are not trying to meet your expectations. This leads to negative and controlling behavior on your part. Allowing others to be who they are is a sign of genuine love. Do not heap heavy standards on those who are with you, and as much as possible be considerate. You are not the puppetmaster who controls your fellow man.

Health, Safety, and Protection

This is a tense and stressful day. It can ruin you physically and mentally. Make a point to relax. Do deep breathing and meditation to calm yourself. Emptying yourself of unnecessary thoughts can keep you focused on what really matters. Schedule some exercise time and self care routines for yourself as well. You cannot achieve anything in life if your mind and body are not up to task. Keep them in proper running order always.

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