Angel Message Of The Day : Begin Again



Begin again. 


Begin again to express yourself with loving kindness


Begin again with each breath. 

Begin again with the rising of the sun. 


Allow all that has come before to fade as day flows from dusk to night. 


The rising of the moon in its fullness soon gives way to begin again, renewing the cycle of life


Rise to greet the sun as it begins its journey across the Heavens. 


Breathe in Divine Light


Breathe in light, exhale shadow and darkness for all is revealed in the light


The path before you welcomes you this day and all the days before you. 

Close your eyes; imagine bright red-oranges, deep golden yellows. 


Perhaps you see deep rose pinks or turquoise blues. 


Rest a moment in the stillness, allowing peacefulness, joy and harmony to be your constant companions.

Amanda Cooper

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