Angel Message Of The Day : Expansion Of The Self



In the dawning of each day, the sun rises to shine golden yellow light upon all there is.  All of creation prospers in the light of day, resting in the darkness of night.  


Darkness need not be your enemy. Shadow provides an opportunity for growth, for expansion, exploring your deepest desires.  


Discernment is among your greatest gifts, for in discerning what you do not want; you discover what you do want. 

In discovering that which you desire, limiting beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings must release you from all that has brought you to this moment.  


In reaching for that which feels better, that which is for your highest and best good, your Inner-Self expands beyond what was.  


Each step along the path before you is a choice to expand or remain where you are.  Imagine you are a tree who has been sleeping through the shadow of winter.  


In the warmth, feel the sap, the life blood within, begin to flow outward, beginning to expand beyond the physical barrier of your skin.  


Imagine the life force within you that begins to push forth new ideas, releasing all that no longer serves you.  Imagine buds begin to manifest all along your branches.  

In the warmth of the golden yellow light, buds begin to blossom, bearing fruit or leaves, protecting all who seek protection.  


Beloved child you are much like a magnificent tree which has been sleeping during the shadow of winter.  


Allow you to blossom in the warmth of light and love.  


Create love in your life and love shall be your expression for life.  


Create vision in your life and you shall see beyond limitation.  


Create joy and harmony in your life and you shall expand beyond your known horizons. The choice remains with you.

Amanda Cooper

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