CANCER 2 What is your love language in a relationship?



What is your love language in a relationship?


Born under the fourth astrological sign, the Crab individuals are innately born with emotional depth, intuitive nature, and a deep-rooted desire for security and comfort. The way people born under the sign of Cancer find joy in expressing their love in romantic relationships is hence known as their “Love Language.” They are inclined in conveying their feelings in a compassionate and romantic manner and would oftentimes demonstrate kindness and sweetness as a form of adoration which further brings them an insurmountable delight in pampering and consoling their loved ones. Additionally, Cancer individuals usually prioritize one-on-one relationships with partners and place a high value on time spent with family and friends. They frequently engage in lengthy chats, in-depth discussions and quiet times as this allows them to gather sufficient knowledge on how best they can love and care for the people they hold dear in their life as well as provides them the sense of fulfillment and joy that they hardly feel in anyone’s company but their loved ones, especially their significant other. As a sign with sharp intuitiveness and keenness on details concerning their partner, specifically their feelings and well being, Cancer people are considered sensitive to the emotions of those around them and value vocal expressions of their significant one’s feelings. They get a sense of love and would appreciate it when their partners take the time to acknowledge and affirm them with gentleness and right words, as well as would find comfort in feedbacks that are both positive and negative about their relationships and themselves to help these Cancer individuals become more aware of their actions, both of right and wrong. 

Since Cancer is such an emotionally charged sign, touching their significant other is a common way for them to express their love and support. Their partner’s physical presence is one of the many relationship bonding these romantic Crabs are known to always yearn for. Touching, caressing, hugging, kissing, snuggling and expression of carnal desires are all a reflection of their romantic attachment towards their partner and enjoy every second of doing so. As much as they thrive from the physical contact they act upon for their feelings to be conveyed, they would be in cloud 9 once these emotions and deeds are reciprocated, especially within the comfort of their homes or whenever their partner is in sight or within grasp. 

The sign of Cancer appreciates its place at home and the safety and comfort that come with a friendly, homey atmosphere with their spouse. They enjoy giving their lover a warm and loving environment that would bring them a sense of security and warmth, and they frequently show their partners how much they care by making sure they are comfortable and pleased both in their home and in their presence. They will also go out of their way to express their caring and nurturing self as they hold their partner’s wellbeing in high regard. It is important to keep in mind that Crab’s expression of love is unique and might have individual tastes and ways of conveying their affection. Even though astrological signs can reveal broad tendencies and characteristics, it is always best to be honest with one’s partner and discover which love language most appeals to them.

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