Daily Horoscope Pisces 14

Pisces 14


Your heart may be full of darkness right now but do not let it fester. Do not suppress what you are feeling, Pisces. Instead, try to release it. You can cry over it or try to let it out to someone today. Even if it may seem like the end of the world and everything feels heavy, know that this kind of feeling is not permanent. It will pass, too. Release it all out now, either with someone or alone. With or without anyone on your side, this is something that you can get over. Trust that this is just part of the grand plan, and change is inevitable, but it will definitely lead you to better growth on your part. You will be alright, dear Pisces.

Even if you want to waste your night away and feel like you can go out, do not let it hinder your healing. You will not have to pretend that you are doing alright for everyone’s sake. Instead, focus on getting to release these negative thoughts that should no longer have a hold in your heart. You can certainly say no this time, for your sake. Treat yourself in the best way that you can. How do you comfort yourself in moments of sadness? We all have our different ways. Maybe try to recall what your comfort food is. Maybe ice cream or something sweet will cheer you up after crying your heart out. Hey there, we assure you, you will be fine.  

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