Health – Sudden Change! DP

The Death


Health – Sudden Change!

The state of your body changes suddenly and surprisingly. One day you are strong and full of energy, and then weak and slow on the next. You can never know what will happen to you, you will always be affected by the unexpected. If you are in good health right now, do your best to care for yourself, and to always prepare for anything. It may be an injury or accident tomorrow, or a health problem you failed to notice. Whatever it may be, be on guard and do what you can. If you have been sick for sometime, or struggling with something wrong with your mind or body, know that burdens do not last forever. Time heals all things. Those who care for you will help you through it, and your inner power will fix you from within. When you finally rise from that bad state, your weaker self is now Dead. A new you has been reborn from the ashes. Go forth and savor Life to the full!

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