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Olive 2

The Anahata chakra connects well to an olive aura person as this is the heart organ which means this focuses on the self-growth of an olive aura person. To take care of their heart, they must eat the right food that is healthy for their heart such as oats, Fatty fish, Avocados, Legumes, and Low-fat dairy. Also, they must have the right exercise daily such as cardio exercises that stimulate the heart. They must exercise at least 30 minutes a day just to have their heart to be active and of course, after exercising or doing strenuous activities, it is important to have enough rest or sleep to avoid having a higher risk of heart disease. Most importantly, since olive aura people tend to be over workers in their career, they must handle their stress well and by that, it would be nice to attend yoga lessons or have a set of “me” time per day that either can be watching Netflix, having a cheat day, reading a great book, going to places alone such as cafes with soothing music and so on that defines a “me” time for an olive aura person.

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