Pig Reading 28



This is the twelfth sign in the Chinese Horoscope. The Pig is the embodiment of devotion to ambitious goals. Those born under its year have a great focus to succeed. Still, this drive is balanced out by their care and compassion for others close to them.

 Wealth, Career, and Finances

This is a period of emotional mood swings. Try putting off making decisions on big matters such as money, changing careers, or other deals. You may make mistakes you will regret later on. Remain calm when talking to people at work. There is also a chance you may lash out over simple annoyances. This is a time when the stars are not in alignment for you. Wait it out patiently. Things will go back to normal the next day.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Stay in the company of your more positive and easygoing friends. They will give you a good time on this otherwise chaotic and emotional day. Conversations over food and drink can be a good way to bond and unload internal frustrations. Keep your thoughts focused on simple happiness with friends and family to keep your mind away from too many serious concerns in your life. You will have enough energy to deal with them later on. Your human connection with others has to come first.

Health, Safety, and Protection

Listen to your intuition. Do you notice anything wrong with you that needs to be checked up or treated? Are you stressing or ruining yourself to the point that you get sick? Stop, pay attention, and do something about it. During this emotionally chaotic day there is a possibility that your issues stem from too much work. Relax, enjoy good food, and destress through conversations with other people for a while. Taking time to rest and heal can be good for you in the long run.

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