Roster Reading 27



This is the tenth animal sign in the Chinese Horoscope. The Rooster is one of the most extroverted of the 12 signs. Those born under its year are fond of public activities and are usually talkative and outspoken. Interacting with crowds gives Rooster people much happiness.

Wealth, Career, and Finances

You will be doing tasks that are not really to your liking today. Those are all necessary, however, for the sake of future success. Sulking around and being bitter while carrying them out will cause more bad luck than you can carry. Try assuming a positive attitude instead. Things will eventually sort themselves out, and later on you will get a chance to try something new that interests you.

Love, Friendship, and Relationships

Sharing is great. Open your life up even more to your soulmate, family, and friends today. Do you have an interest you want to share, or a set of fun activities you wish to do with other people? Now is the perfect moment to do so! Be open also to the interests of your close circle of people. They may have hobbies or fun activities they also want to share with you. The more you discover, the merrier! 

Health, Safety, and Protection

Good influences lead us to better ways of doing things. Network with friends or people who promote healthy lifestyles and who can give you proper life coaching. Being walled up within ourselves means we are blind to the ways in which we weaken our own being. Partnering with those who can guide us to self improvement and wellness can be a great help in overcoming that stumbling block. 

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