Angel Message Of The Day : Power Of Self Love



Awaken the power of love within your beloved child, for you are eternal love and lightWalk the path before you in light, knowing all is made manifest before you. The path before you is illuminated by the light of love. Love activates your true self. This will keep you forward on the difficulties in life that you may face. Love brings hope and joy into our lives and allows us to feel connected with one another as well as all things seen and unseen around us. Love gives us strength when times are tough or challenging for us personally or for our loved ones too. You have come here to awaken your inner self, your true self, so you can return to the source from which you came. That source is pure unconditional love and light. It has no limits and can be used to manifest anything you desire. The power of love is not only available to you but it is also one of your greatest strengths. You can create with love, but you must understand the laws that govern its use.


Your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking. When you pray for something, keep focused on what you want and let go of how it might happen or when it might happen. This helps you maintain a positive attitude about your request, rather than getting frustrated about why it hasn’t happened yet or why someone else gets their way instead of you getting yours. You cannot get what you want by force because it would not be coming from your heart. You can’t seek a million dollars out of fear, greed, or desperation but out of love and abundance and then expect that those things will be given to you easily. You have to believe that they are already yours before they can become so.

You are guided this day and every day in love and light. Your journey has been filled with many experiences, both good and bad. Do not judge your experiences by their outcomes or by what others think about them; judge them by how they affect your inner being and how they help you grow spiritually as a person. You will then know whether an experience was helpful or harmful for you personally; whether it helped you grow spiritually or whether it hindered your growth as a person; whether it caused suffering or joy; whether it made you feel better about yourself or worse about yourself; whether it provided insight into.  You have learned much along the way, yet there is still much more to learn.  As you go through life, remember that many people love you, support you, and want to see the best for you. Listen to their words of wisdom for it will help guide you in making decisions that can lead to great success and happiness as this will replenish your reason why you should love yourself more.


Fear not for we are beside you every moment and you need only call upon us, we know your every thought, your every desire. Do not let doubt cloud your mind or heart. Do not let fear keep you from doing what is right and good. There is no asking to great or too small and there is no asking left unanswered.  You will be an aid in all things if only you ask for help from others. You must not fear what is happening around us as it is all part of this grand plan, which will unfold in its own time. This is not an age of peace but an age of transition from one world to another. The old ways are passing away and new ones are coming into being. It will be hard for many to accept these changes but in time they will come to embrace them as part of their lives just as we did before them. What is important now is that you remain strong within yourself always remembering who you are and where you came from so that nothing can sway or shake your faith or beliefs no matter what happens around you or within yourself. You will always be guided by the light and love. 


Sit in silence, listen, and open your heart to my brethren and me. As you must know you are protected, know that you are loved, and know that you are love eternal.  As light and love will guide you through this journey in life, they will always be here to protect you from harm and guide your way on your path through this world of ours. 

Know you are a bright light, a beacon for all who desire to see the path before them.  Know you are a messenger of the Divine Source. You were born with a purpose, and that purpose is to help others find their own paths back home to Source. Let go of the fear of being rejected or abandoned by those who don’t understand where you’re coming from and focus on the ones who do. They will always be there for you. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, no amount of wishing will change anything. The only thing that can change things is action and taking chances. As you keep continue to love yourself, you will be the light and love of other people. A powerful being that you may know what you may become.


Awaken the power of love within you. As this is the most powerful gift that you activated. You may not see it but you will give a positive impact on your surroundings. Love is the most important and powerful energy in this world. Love is essential for us to live because we are made of it. Loving yourself doesn’t mean being selfish or thinking only of yourself; it means understanding that everyone has their path in life, and just because yours differs from someone else’s does not mean one way is better. Don’t judge people who do things differently than what you would do; instead, try to understand them because they may have a different perspective than yours or need something different from life than what you need at this moment in time or maybe even ever.


We shall accompany you all your days and walk this day in love and light knowing all is indeed well with you. We know that all is well with you and continue to ignite the fire within you to keep loving yourself every day. You have been through so much yet still manage to rise above these challenges with grace and beauty.

Amanda Cooper

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