Sagittarius season… what brings us?

The Sagittarius season brings us the good news that Mars is already direct and Mercury comes out of the post-retrograde shadow with which, all the internal changes that we made in the Scorpio season come to light because the time has come to expand.

This month is very special because it has two eclipses, the entry of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius and the square of Mars with Pluto.

Beyond the limits, skin deep

This going beyond our limits, this season is on the surface. In fact, most people start planning trips for next year so it is no accident that Sagittarius comes after Scorpio.

First, we go inside and hit bottom (Scorpio season) and then we jump up to expand (Sagittarius season). If you did the work you had to do in the previous season well, there is already a lot of free space to be occupied with new things that make you feel good.

And the time for expansion has arrived!

Then comes the time to go outside, optimism, fun. We get much more positive about life and that is something that could not have happened without having had Scorpio before so we have to thank him because Sagittarius is the one who gets the good press but Scorpio has a lot to do with this.

Sagittarius also has this openness to the culture, to what is different from one’s own thinking, how one is attracted to the opposite, for what he does not know and, at the bond level, the same will happen.

Get closer and strengthen ties

This is a very good season to get closer. Sagittarius also likes to learn a little about everything, he likes to polish different aspects and learn about them, and many times what he learns is believed from the absolute truth.

What Sagittarius and Sagittarius have this season in general, is that it is a sign that likes to argue but not fights, debate, because it allows them not only to learn from the other but to contribute their own truth that may or may not be valid but they believe so…

It may be that this season there are a little more “collectives” wanting to go out and express their truth on a more conscious level because

we are in a moment of many social movements in different parts of the world.

Did you do your homework well?

Those who came to this Sagittarius season doing the job of “emptying the purse” should also be careful with excesses because although it is time to get out of the deep and expand, do not try to fill that void with excesses because the process Expansion can take more than one season.

Many Sagittarius people have their ideals well marked such as “I don’t like it, this is not like that, we have to change it” and we are already beginning to perceive a bit of “let’s change society” that Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces later bring with a more social approach linked to ideals, religions, and beliefs.

What does Sagittariu’s energy bring us?

Have more fun. Fun plans and group get-togethers can come up with this energy. Venturing, moving, taking life as a trip, or even moving from place to place can be an option.

Be more optimistic. After the deep encounter of Scorpio, the fire comes to revive our spirits, lift us up, and give us more action.

Physical energy rises. With Mars already direct and in Sagittarius season, we can find ourselves with a rise in movement: sports, walks, or going for a run can help.

Take an interest in various philosophical topics. To vigorously debate ideas, beliefs, and insights into life.

Find new spiritual approaches that expand consciousness, renew beliefs, go beyond our personal limits.

Say yes to everything. It is a month in which very tempting plans will emerge, many adventures and group sharing. This in its fair measure is good but it may also exhaust us.

Denying is one of the favorite activities of Sagittarius (although they will surely deny this too). We may find ourselves more resistant to what others tell us.

Anxiety and desire to go faster. Like all fire energy, Sagittarius wants to achieve its goals quickly and dynamically. This can give us a lot of will but also a little impatience.

Fanaticism. Be careful, many times this energy makes us so want to convey what we think that we can become fanatical of our beliefs without accepting those of others.

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