Spiritual Wellness restless

Bad Condition

You are in a bad condition spiritually. You have lost all your hope and faith in God. Your soul is in a very uncomfortable state. You have become very restless, irritable, and impatient with everyone around you. You feel that there is no one who can help you out of this situation. At times, you feel that there is no purpose to living anymore. You feel that life has no meaning for you anymore and that it is better if you just end it now.

You may also be suffering from some other diseases like insomnia, anxiety, or depression, which might be affecting your overall health as well. It is important for you to seek help from a spiritual healer so that they can help you get rid of these diseases and restore your spiritual wellness again! You need to understand that these are just some of the symptoms of spiritual sickness. There may be many more symptoms which you might be suffering from. If you are feeling low or depressed all the time, if you are having trouble falling or staying asleep at night, if you feel that, then this might be a sign of spiritual sickness.

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