Angel Message Of The Day : Disintegrate Dirty Energy

Angels of the Violet Flame 


We, Angels of the Violet Flame, surround you in the most beautiful violet light. 


Close your eyes, breathe deeply, exhale all worries, concerns, releasing all stresses this day, surrounding you with violet light.


Feel, sense, see, brilliant violet light all round your physical body extending beyond all your energy bodies. 


Violet light is above you, behind you, in front of you, below you. 


Dare to see the brilliant white-hot flames of violet light disintegrate all dirty, negative energy within and around you. 

Trust this is so. 


Trust in yourSelf-Power, ask us to assist you, we are many, we are everywhere every moment. 


Allow Angels of the Violet Flame to surround you, protect you, to keep you safe from harmful thoughts, emotions, energies, circumstances of others. 


Now, this moment all is not for your highest and best good, all that is not of love and light, all thoughts, emotions, circumstances, situations, experiences, all that is not of love and light, now, this moment disintegrates. 

Violet light protection surrounds you in the moment of the asking. 


You need only think of the words Violet Light … it is done. 


Violet Light shall make the way before you clear, burning away all that is not of love and light. 


Trust this is so … so be it, so be it, so be it thank you.

Amanda Cooper

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