Blessing the Money You Spend

It is always a blessing to give.

A young girl opens a birthday card from her grandmother and folded inside the card is a crisp $100 bill along with congratulations and sincere wishes and hopes for happiness.

A successful store rewards its customers who spend more than $20 with a bonus service or gift. A woman I know writes hearts on her checks and blesses her creditors each time she makes a payment on a loan.

These individuals don’t know it, but they are practicing a classic cosmic law of prosperity as well as blessing others with their good wishes.

The young girl’s confidence is increased and the $100 brings her hundreds of more dollars as she gets her first job.

The store experiences increased business as customers remembers the kind gesture and return again and again to re-experience the friendly vibration represented by the initial bonus or gift.

One month, the woman is unable to make her loan payment on time, yet mysteriously, the payment is held for her without penalty.

The types of actions describe above can be truly described as Money Magic at its highest level.

Most people think a money spell is about receiving money; however, you can also spread blessings and increase your own good fortune by attaching and focusing a magical energy to the money you send out.

The key to this law of prosperity is to bless rather than curse or resent the money you have to pay others.

The key is to see money as energy as opposed to a tangible object. One practice in magic is to gather, build and then release energy to achieve a particular purpose.

That is why businesses often display the first few dollars that they earn and tape them above the cash register. This money represents “good luck” and additional good fortune.

It is no coincidence that we call the coins jingling in our pockets “change,” as money can be used ritually to effect positives changes in your life. Instinctively or subconsciously, we may resent our bills or the money we must give to others.

It is a spiritual sin to worship money as an object or covet it or hoard it is still an energy t you should see as sacred in terms of its spiritual status as energy.

As it involves an exchange of energy, it is part of the divine circulation and a way of circulating blessings and love.

To create this kind of money magic, make the monthly “pain” of paying your bills into a ritual.

Every time you pay your mortgage, see it as a blessing on your home. Treat your taxes as a way of supporting and blessing all those who use the services that are created with that money.

I even sometimes kiss a bill after I pay it. It sounds ridiculous but it helps change the energy associated with paying bills from a negative to positive polarity.

There is a spiritual law as well that whatever you send out, returns to you three times three or even tenfold. Rather than performing spells to get money, try thinking the money you spend as a blessing for others.

And if you do perform a money ritual, candle burning or otherwise for yourself, it is always a good thing at the very end of the spell to wish that everyone else on the planet that is in need of increased prosperity, have their wish granted.

Here is general affirmation prosperity:
” All that I touch turns to gold and green: I am a magnet drawing prosperity. As my prosperity increases so does the prosperity of all those that I pay. I pray for the best for all those I pay. Money circulates freely in my life. I shall never be weary of doing the right thing, for when I least expect it, I shall reap my rewards.”

Recite this daily.

Amanda Cooper

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